What ascension means to me


The word ascension has been used by many different people to mean many different things. It has been used to mean leaving one’s body, leaving the planet and going to the “other side”, heaven or going to different dimension. It has also been used to describe a shift in the consciousness of the entire planet, brought on by changes in planetary alignment, the electro magnetic field and in earth’s frequencies, resulting in a transition from the third dimension to the fourth and even fifth dimension. Additionally, it has been used to describe what is known in eastern philosophy as enlightenment, calling those who have reached this state ascended masters. This last meaning is probably the closest to my definition of ascension.

So what do I mean when I use the word ascension, well, Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines it as the act of rising or ascending; especially, the act of moving to a higher or more powerful position. I define the word ascension to mean the act of rising up to connect with your higher self and thereby connect to the source of all creation. Ascension is the process and the realization of being at our highest vibrational state and the highest awareness that we can be at. It is a state of being one with the creator.

In my view ascension is not about leaving the planet or going to the other side or the entire shift of the planet.  Although, these are all valid theories and are interconnected as well.  It is just for me and this blog I would like to define Ascension as the journey and the destination that happens in the here and now without leaving our bodies. Ascension can be achieved by raising the vibrational aspects of our spirit.  It should be noted that since the mind, body and spirit are connected, each of these areas plays a part in raising the vibrational aspects of our spirit. There are certain things we can do, certain practices and tools we can utilize to help with us achieve ascension, such as meditation, reflection, prayer, yoga, tai-chi, regular exercise, a healthy diet, practicing compassion, gratitude, authenticity, integrity, non-judgement and unconditional love plus many others.  These practices and tools will be the focus of this blog along with any others I discover along the way.

As we each increase our vibrational aspects of our spirit, there is no doubt that this will create a shift in the planet as well and we may well see an increase in our ability to connect to the other side, as I said previously, it is all interconnected.  My hope is that as we evolve individually, we will then evolve collectively, leading to a more peaceful, compassionate and loving world.

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