Are you a Lightworker?


Are you a Lightworker?

I was browsing in the New Age section of my local bookstore, when I came across this book “Lightworker: Understand Your Sacred Role as Healer, Guide and Being of Light” by Sahvanna Arienta and for some reason it got my attention. After scanning through the pages I decided to get it. I had become familiar with the term lightworker many years ago but for some reason it did not resonate with me as much as it does now. Looking back, I remember thinking this sounds a bit out there and so I moved on, not paying much attention to it. However, flash forward to today, my spirituality has grown and I found myself really connecting with the information in this book. After reading the book I started to feel that I was actually one of these lightworkers. This led to doing more research on the internet to get a broader picture of what a lightworker is and where they come from. As with the term ascension there are many different definitions of what a lightworker is and many different theories on where they come from. I am going to share my own view of what a lightworker is and where they come from.

What is a Lightworker?

I define a lightworker as a soul who has decided to incarnate on the earth with their primary mission being to raise the vibration of the planet by raising their own vibration and helping others to do the same. Put another way, a lightworker is someone who wants to increase the light and love on the planet by increasing their own light and love as well as others.

Where do Lightworkers come from?

There are many theories as to where lightworkers come from, such as old souls, souls that did not originate on planet earth, starseeds and angels. In the “Lightworker: Understand Your Sacred Role as Healer, Guide and Being of Light”, the author states that these souls come from the higher planes . She describes 7 planes which resemble that of the chakra system, with the 7th plane being that of Source. Lightworkers she claims, come from the 3rd plane and above. Though I feel there may be a hierarchy in the planes above the earth plane, I am not so sure that it is set up in this way. For me, I think lightworkers are human souls that have agreed to incarnate in this lifetime with the mission of raising the vibration of the planet.  I don’t think they have to come from specific planes or be non earth souls or angels. I do tend to think that they maybe older souls who have a certain amount of wisdom which is why they decide to take on this mission but I don’t necessarily think it is limited to old souls.

What are some of the traits of a Lightworker?

They have the sense that they are here to fulfill a mission.

They have a sense of urgency about fulfilling that mission.

They have a desire to raise the vibration of the planet.

They have a desire to bring light and unconditional love to the planet.

They have a desire to heal the planet.

They have a desire to see the end of suffering on the planet.

They have a deep respect for the planet and all its inhabitants.

They have a desire to help others.

They are drawn to spirituality and metaphysics.

They are empathic.

They are intuitive.

They are attuned to energy around them and may be able to connect with the spiritual plane.

Another common trait with lightworkers is that they they go through an awakening process. When lightworkers incarnate on the planet, they have usually forgotten that they are lightworkers. At some point in their life they go through period of darkness which leads them to seek out their own spiritual journey and that leads to a remembrance of their mission to help bring love and light to the entire planet. This is when they awaken as lightworkers. This definitely happened with me, I had a period of time where I was really unhappy and that led to making some poor choices and left me feeling empty and confused. It was during this time that I started seeking information to help me figure out why I was feeling that way and that led to me to getting in touch with my spirituality . It was during this process of connecting with my spirituality that I felt like I was discovering my true self.

The World Needs Lightworkers

I would like to point out that this term lightworker is not being used to suggest any special status or any advanced spiritual level. It is about understanding who you are, your own individual traits and aligning yourself with your primary mission. Discovering that you are a lightworker may help you understand yourself and your past experiences better. It may also motivate you to pursue your calling or passion.

This is a very important time on the planet, we are undergoing a major transformation and shift. We are transitioning from an ego based consciousness to a spirit based consciousness. Lightworkers are here to assist in this transition. Now is the time when lightworkers need to discover and pursue their mission. By raising their own vibration they will raise the vibration of the planet.

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